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Debunking Myths About Rape in Prison

Prison rape: it’s a common trope in television and movies. How often is the “don’t drop the soap,” joke casually tossed around?   But what’s the reality for sexual violence survivors in prisons? We spoke with El Jones and Mooky Cherian to learn more.   El Jones is a...

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Queer Women Creating Consent Culture

The rate of violent victimization is 2.5 times higher for Canadians who identify as gay or lesbian, as opposed to those who identify as straight. For those who identify as bisexual, it’s 4 times higher (Statistics Canada).   While there’s been increased media attention to stories of...

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Talking about Cis Men and Media Coverage of Sexual Assault

Too often, men who are sexually assaulted have their stories erased – or mocked. When, in 2013, a young man was sexually assaulted in Toronto’s entertainment district, his story became fodder for jokes.   While cisgender men are much less likely to experience sexual violence than women...

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Let’s Create Consent Culture Online

While “cyberviolence” has been a hot topic for the past few years, recent months have put a spotlight on the misogynistic and racist sexual violence and harassment enacted online. More than two thirds of Canadians who report cyber crimes to the police are women (Statistics...

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