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This is not an exhaustive list. Please send suggestions to of additional organizations or groups that should be on this page.


Engaging with the Media on Gender-Based Violence:

There are many amazing projects and resources that address media reporting on sexual and gender-based violence. These resources informed our initial work on media reporting on sexual violence. They have built the foundation on which Use the Right Words was created:

      – Canadian Judicial Council: “The Canadian Justice System and the Media

      – Chicago Taskforce on Violence Against Girls & Young Women: “Reporting on Rape and Sexual Violence: A Media Toolkit for Local and National Journalists to Better Media Coverage

      – DART Center tipsheets: “Reporting on Sexual Violence” and “Reinvestigating Rape

      – Jessica Luther’s primer for sports journalists reporting on sexual assault: “Changing the Narrative” (Sports on Earth)

      – Klinic Community Health Centre: “Trauma-informed: The Trauma Toolkit

      – Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault: “Reporting on Sexual Violence: A Guide for Journalists

      – Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women: The Media Hub Women, Action, and the Media

      – Rhode Island Coalition to End Violence Against Women: “Telling the Full Story: An Online Guide for Journalists Covering Domestic Violence

      – TransPride Canada: “Style Guide: Media Reference Guide – Best Practices”

Self Care:

     –  Emotional First Aid Tips – Vanissar Tarakali’s Blog

      – 55 Ways to Be Gentle With Yourself  When You Are Busy, Busy, Busy

      – Self Care DIY: A How-To Just for You


Indigenous, National, Provincial, and Territorial Resources:



      – National Association of Friendship Centres
      – Talk4Healing –
      – Native Youth Sexual Health Network
      – List of Aboriginal Transition Houses and Family Violence Crisis Lines in B.C. from The Healing Journey


      – Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services

British Columbia:

      – Ending Violence Association of BC


      – List of sexual assault services in Manitoba from Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres:

New Brunswick:

      – Directory of services for victims of abuse from Public Legal Education and Information Services of New Brunswick
      – Fredericton Sexual Assault Centre

Newfoundland and Labrador:

      – Newfoundland and Labrador Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre

Northwest Territories:

      – Sexual Assault: A Help Book for Teens in the Northwest Territories (includes a directory of services on final page)
      – List of sexual assault services in Northwest Territories from Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres:

Nova Scotia:

      – Map of sexual assault services in the province from Nova Scotia Domestic Violence Resource Centre


      – List of sexual assault services in Nunavut from Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres


      – Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes (AOcVF)
     – Draw the Line Campaign
      – Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres
      – Ontario Network of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centres
      – List of Ontario provincial support resources from the Canadian Federation of Students:

Prince Edward Island:

– PEI Rape and Sexual Assault Centre


      – Government of Québec sexual assault resources


     – Sexual Assault Services of Saskatchewan


     – List of sexual assault services in Yukon from Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres:



      – Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres

      – Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime

     – Making a Difference Canada