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Consent Culture

“Sex workers are experts at sexual consent”

A conversation with Chanelle Gallant on media reporting on sexual violence and sex work   We’ve seen the headlines before:   “Toronto man posing as undercover cop to demand sexual favours from prostitutes, police say” (National Post)   “Manchester United's David De Gea accused of organising prostitute sex 'party' for...

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Consent culture isn’t possible in a colonial system

Recently, there’s been a swell of conversation about the issues of sexual violence and gender-based violence in Canada. High-profile court cases have garnered a level of mainstream media coverage that seems unprecedented.   But what’s missing from the conversation?   Representation matters. Advocates say there are more...

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Who Will Protect Us From Our Protectors?

The past month has justice for Black communities into the spotlight. First there was Black Lives Matter’s high-profile protest against police presence at the Toronto Pride Parade, and the ensuing racist backlash. Then, the tragic murders of Black community members including Alton Sterling, Philando Castile,...

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“Say out loud why and how sexual violence happens”: A conversation with Kai Cheng Thom about media reporting on sexual violence and trans folks

“I am actually glad to see the term ‘rape culture’ starting to pervade public consciousness through the media,” says Kai Cheng Thom. “That term has specifically been used… in mainstream media and I think that’s amazing.”   For Kai, a writer, performance artist, and social worker, the...

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