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Who We Are





Shannon Giannitsopoulou


Shannon Giannitsopoulou is an intersectional feminist and activist, specializing in public relations, communications and project management within an anti-oppression framework. Shannon is a co-founder of femifesto and contributing writer of Use the Right Words: Media Reporting on Sexual Violence in Canada.




Sasha Elford

Sasha Elford is a feminist writer and nonprofit professional working to end gender-based violence. She works as a volunteer coordinator and fundraiser in the violence against women sector, and holds a Master of Arts in Women and Gender Studies from the University of Toronto. Sasha is a co-founder of femifesto and contributing writer of Use the Right Words: Media Reporting on Sexual Violence in Canada.



farrah-bikeFarrah Khan

Farrah Khan is a counsellor, educator and artist with 17 years of experience addressing gender-based violence. She is a community educator and is co-chair of the Provincial Roundtable on Violence Against Women. Farrah has co-created innovative community-centered initiatives including Heartbeats: the IZZAT Project, Use the Right Words: Media Reporting on Sexual Violence in Canada, and Outburst! Young Muslim Women Project. Farrah is regularly sought out by national media including the CBC and the Globe and Mail for her expertise in addressing violence against women. For her community work she has been presented with various  awards including the Toronto Community Foundation’s Vital People Award and the Urban Alliance on Race Relations Community Leadership Award.




Faria Jafri

Faria is a freelance writer, who aspires to be a superheroine. She is also a youth writer for femifesto. She wants to karate chop oppression with her words. She likes to challenge the world and herself by critically analyzing social structures through her words. Her pieces explore the issues of oppression and celebrate diversity. She has written for SHE Canada, Outburst!, Able, Collective Reflections, Queen’s Journal and more.