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Apology for Use of Image in Huffington Post Blog

Apology for Use of Image in Huffington Post Blog

We would like to apologize for the photo that appeared in social media posts for our recent blog post on Huffington Post Canada Living, “Stop Erasing Sexual Abuse Survivors with Disabilities.”


The photo was selected by Huffington Post. We chose a stock image of newspapers to appear with the post, but it was replaced by blog editors. The image chosen by HuffPost was from Getty Images but was shared without the woman in the photograph’s consent, which is unacceptable, and we apologize for the impact this has caused. To rectify this we have contacted HuffPost editors to request that the image be replaced immediately, and they have acted quickly to ensure that it will no longer be associated with our article. 


We were unaware that the woman in the photo had not given consent for the photo in Getty Images to be shared and deeply apologize for the harm we have caused her through sharing it. Unfortunately, the image cannot be removed from existing tweets that have been shared to date but any future share of the article will not include it.


We know it’s too late for this to help those that we have harmed, but also wanted to acknowledge that what happened isn’t acceptable and we’re taking steps (that should have been taken previously) to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. In the future, we will be more diligent in ensuring that imagery accompanying our writing is being shared consensually. We are committed to creating consent culture, and that includes controlling when and how images are shared. If we can’t come to terms with HuffPost that make us feel secure that this will not happen again, we will no longer post our content on their platform.


Thank you to those that informed us of this issue. We apologize to everyone for the harm we caused.

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